A SINGA Spot can be : 

  • A coffeeshop, a bar, a museum, a theater, a coworking place, a concert hall… Any place is likely to integrate the SINGA Spots network.

The SINGA Spots are :

  • A network of  SINGA’s partners sites, spaces with a large diversity of universes which have in common the wish to promote the creation of social link and to change the perspectives about asylum along SINGA.


  • SINGA, through its workshops, its events, and its meetings, makes easier and creates opportunities to meet and to share.

What is a SINGA Spot’s purpose ?

  • A SINGA Spot can accomodate our social link’s initiatives (workshops, meetings, events…)


  • By doing so, the SINGA Spot relayed the SINGA’s action, and generates a positive social and economic impact on the local territory.

In a SINGA Spot, we....

1. SMILE : it’s the easier way to create social link and to generate the meeting, and one of the nicest too :)

2. SHARE : your hobbies, your knowledges, your ideas, your experience, your questions.. Whatever the event, each occasion is good to interchange and to meet.

3. MEET : your buddie, the SINGA’s community, the Spot’s costumers, the local inhabitants, the newcomers : the other in its entirety, in short.

4. DISCOVER AND LEARN : a sudden urge to discover the Indian dance or to learn how to achieve photographs without soft focus ?

5. CREATE : link, joy, human wealth, and new perspectives.

Our workshops, free and open to all, are here to reveal you to yourselfs !