Initially a citizen movement, SINGA creates opportunities for refugees and their host communities to meet and cooperate. Our aim is to build bridges between people, encouraging dialogue, fostering cultural enrichment and creating job opportunities. We seek to improve awareness and change perceptions about refugees and asylum seekers.


Every year, thousands of people are forced to flee their homes, cities, friends and countries to seek refuge in other countries. After a long and often dangerous journey these men and women apply for the protection of other states. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they had no other choice but to leave their homeland, they are rarely welcomed in the countries where they settle. They can be perceived as a cost to local taxpayers, and as a potential source of social tension or unrest.


In order to be able to remain in France, refugees have to apply for legal refugee status. This grants them a 10 year renewable visa, and gives them the same basic rights as a French citizen.

Unfortunately, once legal status has been obtained, refugees often encounter numerous barriers. These include lack of knowledge of the language and socio-cultural customs, the non-recognition of their educational qualifications, lack of opportunities to adapt their professional skills, difficulty in enforcing their rights, and lack of knowledge about how the legal and public administration systems work. In addition, refugees arriving in France often experience racism, discrimination and feel rejected by society, which further contributes to social exclusion.


To raise awareness about the issue of asylum in host countries, and to change society’s perception of refugees and their role in the community.

To support refugees during their socio-economic integration through a project-based methodology, empowering refugees to take an active part in society.


To create opportunities for dialogue and understanding between refugees and other members of society

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SINGA is above all a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, dancers, singers, students… in short, a community of human beings who want to get to know and understand each other better and build a better society for themselves.  The various SINGA programs aim to organize and facilitate opportunities to meet others in the SINGA community.

Not being able to speak the language or not knowing how to interact on a cultural level with local communities is one of the main causes of exclusion for many refugees. Unfortunately, in France, the services provided in this area are insufficient and are not always appropriate. SINGA has decided to offer courses in the form of private, one-to-one lessons. The tutor adapts the lesson to the level of the student and their objectives are defined together in a personalized manner. Most of the time, the course is tailored to meet the person’s professional objectives. SINGA also encourages refugees to teach their native language to other members of the community or to share specific aspects of their cultures such as gastronomy.


Because the skills and experiences of refugees are often undervalued and because refugees are often accused of “costing money” for host societies, SINGA organizes two events every year. SINGA Night, a concert to discover talented musicians who are dying to share their talents. SINGA Village, a two-day event for local citizens to meet and be inspired by the various projects and members of the SINGA community, while having a great time.



SINGA has developed a methodology to support refugees who wish to create businesses, organisations and cultural or artistic projects by connecting them with relevant people and organisations in the host country to help them develop their ideas.

Our objective: send out a clear message that refugees are an asset to society if they are integrated, supported, and given the opportunity to contribute. For refugees looking for a job, SINGA uses the same « project » methodology. We connect them with professionals and volunteers to help them overcome the various barriers to integration which they often encounter. We provide them with: Language lessons – Brainstorming – Promotion of individual projects as well as SINGA Projects – Fundraising support – Administrative and legal support.



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